Hi, I'm Leigh.

I’m a cookbook author, writer, and editor with a background in food education and communications. I write about food, cooking, and parenting. My second book, My Kitchen Chalkboard, is a year of seasonal family dinners and menu plans, with stories from my kitchen, simple recipes, and loads of tips for streamlining dinnertime. It was published in May 2018 and won an award for General Excellence from The Readable Feast in June of that year.

I’m also the co-founder of The Fresh Collective, a network for creative businesswomen, and the co-host of Made Fresh, a podcast where we talk about work, relationships, culture, and more - and food is central to the story.

I’m a Boston-based parent to two boys who are six and nine. Life at home is all about navigating this phase of parenthood - from screen time, Nerf guns and Dorito/Fanta limits to advocating for my kids at their urban public school and rooting for them at baseball games. I’ve been taking time for myself lately to re-learn how to play tennis, and growing greens, flowers, and herbs in a small backyard garden.

Past work stuff: I was the food editor at Culture magazine from 2015-2017. My first book, The Boston Homegrown Cookbook, came out in 2012 and told the stories of Boston's chefs and restaurateurs and the local food producers they work with. From 2006-2012, I helped run Chefs Collaborative, a national network of sustainability-minded chefs. I launched the organization's annual conference and produced it for four year; and I spearheaded the organization's educational and network building events. Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of small non-profit organizations to hone their messages and bring those messages to a broader audience.

My monthly newsletter, Salt & Lemons, is where I write most regularly - a letter from me to you, with stories, dinner ideas, and tips for building your home cooking muscles. Plus a dash of opinion and snippets of people, places, and things I'm digging right now. I’d love to visit you in your inbox. Sign up below and I’ll send you a menu plan for this time of year as thanks!


Made Fresh is a new podcast started by me and my co-host, Maggie Battista. On the podcast, we have candid conversations about work, relationships, culture, and more, and food is central to the story. You can listen to the show wherever you listen to podcasts. Questions, feedback, ideas? Follow us on Instagram at @madefreshpodcast, or send us an email at:


OMFG it's here!

OMFG it's here!

Cookbook #2!

I started planning our weekly menus when my 6-year-old was an infant, and quickly discovered that meal planning conserves time and saves money, cuts down on waste, and allows me to be creative and build my skills within a framework. My Kitchen Chalkboard grew out of those weekly menus.

You can read a blurb from The Boston Globe here. In June 2018, My Kitchen Chalkboard won an award for general excellence from The Readable Feast.

I'm super excited to share this book with you! I hope it will become a resource for anyone who is trying to juggle all the demands of work and family and still eat and cook well. 

The book is available online on Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Powell's/Harvard Book Store

Get in touch if you’d like to book me for a cooking class, demo, or a book talk about family dinners, meal planning, and batch cooking.



Let's Work Together!

I’ve spent years in the worlds of:

-editorial project management

-recipe development

-writing + editing (links to work here)

-marketing communications

-event programming

-panel moderation

-teaching + lecturing

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