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Salt & Lemons offers services to simplify family meals.

Personal chef services, kitchen coaching, cooking classes, and more.

Personal chef services: 

Here’s how it works: I’ll work with you to plan your dinners and then I’ll cook them for you. I come to your house during the day, prep the food, pack the meals into your fridge and freezer with heating and serving instructions, and clean up after myself. You free up some time and mental energy AND get to sit down to home-cooked meals with your family. Get in touch to talk in more depth about types of meals, frequency and pricing:

Kitchen coaching:

If you want to cook dinner yourself, but have a hard time getting organized and making plans, I can work with you to identify and reach your home cooking goals. We'll meet to talk through your challenges and goals and I'll put together a plan to get you where you want to be. The contents could include: tips for planning, shopping, and prepping; a sample 1-week meal plan with a grocery list, prep plan, and timeline; and a number of dinner ideas tailored to your family's tastes, followed by a number of weeks of coaching support. 

Cooking classes:

I am available to teach in-home cooking classes on a variety of topics. Think: holiday cookie making, batch cooking, seasonal (or handmade!) pasta, making the most of seasonal produce, and more. These are fun for date night, a girls’ night in, or any other small gathering you can think of.

OMFG it's here!

OMFG it's here!

My cookbook is here!

My Kitchen Chalkboard is literally an extension of my kitchen.The book is based on the menus and meal plans I create to keep our family fed and myself sane while continuing to develop as a cook. Once I started planning our weekly menus when my 5-year-old was an infant, I quickly discovered the merits of planning meals ahead of time. It conserves time and saves money, cuts down on waste, and allows me to be creative and build my skills within a framework. And most importantly, a good plan helps keep the chaos at bay (somewhat). You can read a blurb from The Boston Globe here

I'm super excited to share My Kitchen Chalkboard with you! I hope it will become a resource for anyone who is trying to juggle all the demands of work and family and still eat and cook well. 

The book is available online on Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Powell's/Harvard Book Store or through my lovely publishers at Union Park Press. You can also buy it in person at my local bookstore, Papercuts J.P., where there's a stash of signed copies. Get in touch if you’d like to book me for a cooking class, demo, or a book talk about family dinners, meal planning, and batch cooking.



The Salty Journal

Sharing recipes, cooking inspiration, and the occasional salty opinion. Right this way >>>

Hi, I'm Leigh.

I'm a cookbook author, writer, and editor. My career in food has included stints in restaurants and retail; non-profit communications and event production, magazine editing, and even a little bit of farming. I studied Gastronomy at Boston University and I'm the author the Boston Homegrown Cookbook. My writing and recipes have been featured in Culture magazine (where I was the food editor from 2015-2017), the Boston Globe, Edible Boston, and other publications.

I'm also a longtime home cook and a working parent to two boys. Early on in their eating careers, I realized if I didn't get organized about planning our meals, we'd be eating the same few suppers, plus a lot of takeout, way too often.

I didn't want cooking - a creative practice for me since I was a teenager growing up on Boston's South Shore - to fall by the wayside amidst the chaos of family life. So over the years, I've developed a serious menu planning habit. My book on the subject, My Kitchen Chalkboard (Union Park Press, 2018), is out May 1. 

My entire career has focused on food in one way or another, but helping people get excited about home cooking is my favorite thing to do. Thanks for coming by! Let's work/cook together! 

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Visit me on Instagram @missleighb for menu plans, dinner ideas, and occasional cute kid pix.  ;)




Let's Work Together!

Personal chef services: I get it. You want to eat well, but the time to cook just isn't there. If you need someone to plan out a few dinners and then come to your house, prepare them and leave them for you along with serving instructions, let's talk.

Kitchen coaching and lessons: I'd love to talk further about ways I can help you and your family cook more and eat better.

Cooking classes: I teach cooking lessons for groups and parties - think bachelorette party, team-building nights, or a group of friends who want to learn a few new dishes together. Super fun!

Editorial services - I’m available for editorial work, including recipe development, food styling, and feature writing. You can see some of my clips and work here.

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