This Week's Menu: The KISS Edition

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. One of my dad's favorite sayings (along with "don't do anything stupid;" he had a low tolerance for stupidity). I thought of it this week when planning our meals. This menu is about two things: countering the effects of four days of eating, drinking, and lounging; and keeping it simple since A) Galen is traveling all week and B) I'm gearing up for a month of long to-do lists. 


So when I sat down to plan, ease was the key word. Monday was spring rolls (we cheated on #meatlessmonday and cooked some shrimp) - these are a favorite because they're in the class of DIY Dinners, like tacos, sweet potatoes with toppings, even nori rolls. I slice and dice the toppings or fillings and the boys can stick whatever they want inside the wrapper and go for it - although much to my chagrin, Ellis just eats the rice paper wrappers plain after he dips them in water. Whatever - at least he isn't rejecting the entire meal - it's a low bar but you have to start somewhere. (He promises when he turns 10 he'll try some new foods. He's 5.)

Taco Tuesday never gets old; we'll do these vegetarian with roasted squash and onions - and  I'll cook soaked black beans this afternoon while I'm working at my desk. 

Wednesday is either grilled cheese sandwiches or takeout. I'm trying to wean my kids off of the expectation that we get takeout every week when Galen is traveling, but it is pretty nice to not have to clean. 

Thursday I'm making a triple batch of meatballs in sauce, bagging it up and freezing the portions so that for every week leading up to Christmas, we have at least one low-effort dinner already in the bag, so to speak. 

And we'll have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner - a solid family meal. If I really want to go full Bon Appetit, I'll throw an iceberg salad in there. Mm, with pickled red onions and blue cheese dressing? From where I'm sitting, it sounds pretty good.  

Pizza Friday - I'll save some of the red sauce from the meatball-making and sneak kale and anchovies onto the grown-up half; cheese only for the rugrats. We'll do some steamed broccoli alongside to keep things balanced - or heck, how about another wedge salad? As long as we KISS. 

In the meantime, here's a picture of sliced buttercup squash, which I'm currently roasting. I want to share the recipe, but it's not ready yet. Isn't it pretty though? 

Das alotta squash.

Das alotta squash.