What I'm reading/listening to/watching this week

The men-being-douchebags news just won't quit and for all the dudes who can't bring themselves to fully and unequivically apologize, I present epic side eye. 


I have an idea. Take the annual salary of one depraved morning anchor and use it to hire and promote many more women of color in newsrooms. Then bring back Ann Curry and the pastry chefs working under Johnny Iuzzini, along with every other woman who left her profession because a powerful man couldn't keep it in his pants. 

Blech.  Anyway, here are a couple of palate-cleansing links for you: I just love this idea. For when I can smell again. Scrub your face clean with some things from your pantry!  I love my aunties, too.  

On a related note of cleaning things, with 4 people living in our 1,00-square-foot condo, I'm increasingly drawn to minimalism to help quiet the constant noise (both literal and figurative) around me. The Minimalists: yay or nay? I like their general message. Here's their most recent podcast about giving, with the founder of Charity: Water.

Other random bits: Elegy for a pitmaster. There's never enough Brad. How parents can raise better men. One of my leave-your-job-to-pursue-what-you-love-and-kill-it inspirations.  I just deleted Twitter from my phone. Not exactly a nail in the coffin, but a girl can hope

Have a lovely weekend!