Five home cooks I love on Instagram

According to my son Quincy, I spend waaay too much time on Instagram (my phone battery would concur). I like to pretend I’m on there with a timer in the background and a clear objective for how to spend those minutes. Pfft.

In reality, I’m scrolling through, looking for dinner ideas, watching hilarious videos, staring at perfectly curated feeds to figure out how they actually do it, keeping tabs on people’s careers, and generally not paying attention while time circles the drain.


One of my goals this winter is to turn that around. While I get my act together, here are a few feeds I love for their own sheer love of cooking and eating well:

  1. Lucinda Quinn is in my pantheon of home cooking heroes. In her Instagram stories, she just cooks dinner, pretty much every night, in a calm way, with NPR on in the background, cooking from loads of different cuisines and without much help from gadgetry. I should probably be spending more time in the kitchen and less time watching her stories, but there’s something very soothing and I don’t know - affirming about them. Other people cook every night! Other people find pleasure in the work!

  2. Basil for Chocolate - it’s the food, the mood, and the styling, and Jerrelle Guy’s lovely voice in the captions. Lots of inspiration here.

  3. David Tamarkin is the editor of Epicurious and the author of Cook 90, a new book that celebrates daily home cooking. His feed charmingly catalogs his nightly meal - it’s not geared toward families per se, but more the art and craft of daily cooking. I’m into it.

  4. The Dinner Shift - Carolyn Hodges is an RD from Cleveland who doesn’t mess around. She’s a fan of smart shortcuts, Trader Joe’s, and healthy dinners working parents can pull together with little effort. She’s also funny and sweet and a #boymom, so there’s lots to like.

  5. I’m not a vegan because I can’t be tied down that way, but I love to eat like one. So I’m constantly inspired by The Full Helping, which reminds you how health and color go together.