We've all heard the good news about home cooking: it can be healthier, less expensive, and a great way to reduce food waste. But the reality is, between packed schedules and picky palates, maintaining a home cooking practice can feel daunting for many people.

I've been there: making the 1,000th pot of buttered noodles at 6:30 on a Wednesday when the picky child announces they don't eat noodles anymore. We need new ideas for dinner. Rummaging through the refrigerator on a Friday evening, pitching slimy lettuce and past-its-prime roast chicken into the trash. We want to waste less food. Or looking at the amount spent on takeout burritos over the course of the month and wondering if those funds could have been put to better use. We want to cook more at home. 

The struggle is most certainly real - I'm here to help in a way that works for you and your family. 


There are a few ways we can do this, depending on your needs and budget. 

I'll meet with you in person or over the phone to establish your goals in the kitchen. Whether you want to expand your repertoire and your picky eater's palate, eat at home more, cut down on food waste, or need help organizing and planning  your weeknight meals;  I can help you figure out your home cooking goals. 

Then I'll put together a plan to make those goals happen. You can pick from one of 3 packages: 


The basic package: After we meet, I'll put together a mini-handbook with an action plan for reaching your home cooking goals. The contents could include: tips for planning, shopping, and prepping; a sample 1-week meal plan with a grocery list, prep plan, and timeline; a number of dinner ideas tailored to your family's tastes; along with a few recipes. 


The basic coaching package, plus lessons: You'll get the same handbook, plus two cooking lessons. Potential areas of focus: batch cooking for the freezer; getting three meals out of 1 chicken; or building your repertoire of simple, healthy weeknight meals. (Standalone lessons are also an option!)

COACHING + LESSONS + extra help

Get extra help: We'll come up with a custom package in which I do some of the prep and cooking for you. Come home to prepped vegetables or pasta in the fridge, meatballs and chicken stock in the freezer, and recipes and instructions for how to turn those building blocks into great meals, quickly. 

photo by tara morris

photo by tara morris